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Yesterday, I was working on balancing in some variation of hand to toe pose, like this:


This isn’t me…

While I didn’t look even close to the image of the pose, unless a hunched back, bent legs, and panting is what the pose looks like, I remembered my yoga quote of the day: “yoga is the study of balance, and balance is the aim of all living creatures; it is our home.”  So instead of working on straightening my legs, I worked on breathing, smiling, and cultivating balance.

Our family is moving this summer and yoga has been especially helpful throughout this sometimes stressful process—while I am flowing through a sequence, I don’t really think about much except my breathing, and the underwear that’s riding up my butt, or the fact that my tank top is too small, or that the person next to me really should have taken a shower…or wait, is that me?

Anyway, by specifically focusing on balance within my yoga practice, I have been able to incorporate that focus off the mat as well.  One area, in particular, that requires balance is the tendency to hold on to material items—to possess them.  Moving to a new place, and also moving our bodies with a yoga practice, offers an opportunity to get rid of that which no longer serves us.  Moving also allows us to reflect on those items that mean so much to us: like the horseshoe from my grandparent’s ranch, or the picture of Willie Nelson given to me by my dad, or the weird little dried flower thing my mom gave me on Mother’s Day.  

I love you Willie!

I love you Willie!

Although I’m still (and always will be) working on balance, today I feel excited about the many ways in which I can apply balance to my life and my yoga practice.

How do you incorporate balance in your life?  How do you apply balance to your yoga practice?

Please excuse all typos and terseness: I ate too many s’mores last night.