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As I was practicing yoga this weekend, I found myself thinking about extravagance.

Did you know that the first meaning of “extravagance” had its origins in the ideas of wandering outside of, wandering beyond and roaming?

It wasn’t until the late 1500’s that the word became associated with the ideas of “excessive or extreme” and “wasteful and lavish.”



I like the original meaning of the word and this may be the reason why I love Las Vegas—it’s a place that is “outside of” our normal, day-to-day experiences.  Unless your normal life involves rotating through a series of buffets and watching topless circus acts.

This father’s day weekend, my hubby and I had the chance to get outside of our normal day-to-day life and spend a long weekend in Las Vegas, without the kids.

This was extravagant.

I was able to take few yoga classes at our hotel and “wandered beyond” what I normally practice: I was in a new studio, with a new teacher, new views, and new expectations.

This was extravagant.

We slept in, ordered room service, laid out by the pool.

This was definitely extravagant.

I call this one "Extravagant Breakfast: Oatmeal and Muesli."

I call this one “Extravagant Breakfast: Oatmeal and Muesli.”

But I think what was really extravagant was getting outside of our normal routine.

Anyone with kids knows that it’s fairly easy to get into a routine rut; for example, a typical day for our family during the summer usually includes me getting up, drinking coffee, making the kids their breakfast, writing, working out, making the kids their lunch, reading, making the kids their dinner, cleaning up, reading, going to bed.  We seem to have a food theme going on here…

But now that I have a better idea of what extravagance can mean, I will try to build in ways to be extravagant throughout my day by taking new yoga classes with new teachers at new times, or I might take the kids on walks where we go to new places and “move beyond” the typical route.  Or maybe even have the kids make dinner–now that would be extravagant!

How will you be extravagant this summer?

Please excuse all typos and terseness: I spent four extravagant days in Vegas.