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The other day, during a yoga class, I noticed the not so subtle smell of body odor beginning to settle into the room.  Surreptitiously smelling my own pits during down dog, I was thankful it wasn’t me infusing the room with the smells of summer.

I live in a beach town.  It’s a mix of aging hippies, wealthy liberals & conservatives, college students, the low- & middle-income, the homeless, the druggies, and “the tourist.”

Serenity now...

Serenity now…

The smells of pot, cigarette smoke, saltwater, greasy food infuse my town as summer rolls in like the fog.  Like the fog, the smells of summer seem to hover over and around as my city becomes overrun with tourists and the 19-year-old-travelling-dreadlocked-psuedo hippie-homeless and their dogs.

Sometimes all of these people, and their smells, practice together in various yoga studios.  Maybe not the druggies, they have better things to do.  Like leave syringes all over the beach so people can step on them.


I know I’m supposed to be working on being less judgmental of myself and others, judge not lest ye be judged and all that, but come on people!  Please wear deodorant or at least take a shower before practicing yoga in a public studio.

It's probably not okay to do this during yoga practice, right?

It’s probably not okay to do this during yoga practice, right?


Please excuse all typos and terseness: I was trying to balance my root chakra.