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I recently went to one of the worst yoga classes EVER!  Before I share my story, I should say that everybody has different tastes, styles, preferences, abilities, comfort levels regarding yoga and yoga classes.  Unfortunately for me, all the things I hate about yoga classes coalesced into one awful class.

Image courtesy of tiverylucky at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of tiverylucky at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

First, the class was taught by two teachers.  I have never had a good experience with a teaching duo.  Unless they are obviously teaching very different styles, like YIN and VINYASA or something, I say do away with co-teaching.

Second, there were partner yoga poses.  Not just one or two but four.  I can handle one, maybe two, partner poses with someone I don’t know, but ask me to do four different and fairly intimate poses, and you’re asking a bit too much from me.

Third, there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the sequencing of poses.  In my teacher training, we were taught to build up to the peak pose through a series of relevant poses.  In this class, it seemed like we were all over the place.  At one point, we were crawling around the floor dragging our feet on blankets!

Fourth, during savasana, or final resting pose, one of the teachers was walking over students for some reason.  When she walked over me, she kicked me in the chest.  Her response, to laugh about it like it was the funniest thing.  WTF?!?

Fifth, the class opened with the instructor telling a long, drawn out Hindu mythology story.  I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing during this; should I be meditating or listening intently?  It was strange and uncomfortable.

And while I agree mostly with this article on dangerous yoga classes, I do think that it’s fair to say that some classes are really just bad.

Forgive my typos and terseness, I was recovering from a kick to the chest during my yoga class.