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I’m in the home stretch; in a week (give or take), our family will have gained its newest addition!  After nearly 40 weeks of hanging out in my belly, our fabulous little girl will be joining us earth side.  I’d like to commemorate the event, and honor the littlest thing in our family, by taking note of the little things that I appreciate, am grateful for, or just want to acknowledge on a daily basis.

Today, day 1, I am grateful that I live in a climate where I can wear flip flops ALL YEAR LONG!  For some reason, I hate wearing shoes and socks and I woke up today realizing that I haven’t worn socks for months.  Yesterday at the gym, I overheard someone say “I wish I could wear my capris again.  I’m ready for warmer weather.”  I was like “Lady–you CAN wear capris.  It’s 70 degrees today!”  Well, that’s what I said in my head anyway.  But her comment got me thinking about perspective (that, and the fact that it is currently -6 in St. Paul Minnesota where my sister and her family recently relocated to).

One of my goals as I embark on this journey of #366littlethings is to become more mindful of how the littlest moment, blessing, event, or interaction can alter our perspectives, attitudes, and beliefs.


Ahhh…Flip flops all the year long!

Photo by Rawich